[RESOLVED] /module:/AppNavigator.js: Unexpected token, expected ","

I just started a new project with a couple standard screens. I added a tab navigator and I’m seeing this when I try to run on expo

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Hey @Chris_Dzoba,

Really sorry about that! Do you mind sharing the app/screen you’ve built (via url)? In the mean time I’ll look into this. Thanks!

Sure, its right here: https://build.draftbit.com/apps/mNEq0kk7/screens/U6IsApa7

Oh, also, is there a way I would’ve been able to fix this on my own? Would love to learn! Thanks

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Hey @Chris_Dzoba,

I’ve been able to identify the issue and it’ll be deployed in a bit.

To answer your question, yes and no (lol). The issue is because you set System - thin for the navigator font. If you remove that, then things should compile correctly. But there was still a bug in that part of our compiler.

Thanks and sorry! I’ll let you know when the fix is live :smile:

Hey @Chris_Dzoba, we’ve deployed the fix for this issue!

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Hey @donald thanks! I just tried it again and I think I encountered another issue. Now I can’t actually select a screen for the tab navigator to nav to. I’ve only used template screens. Project here: https://build.draftbit.com/apps/vHfGliBk/screens/MWndBxqa

When I select the “Select an Option” dropdown on the Configs section of the Tab Navigator, nothing appears.


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Hey @Chris_Dzoba,

That’s because your routes weren’t nested under the “Tab Navigator”. I went ahead and updated the screens to live under that navigator. You should see the items populated now :smile:

Ahh, ok. I think I was confused by that because while I can drag + drop the screens, the screens don’t show their new location in the UI until I refresh the page. I double checked and it still does it: if I drag a screen out of the tab navigator to the root navigator, it still appears in the tab navigator until I refresh the page.

Thanks for your help!

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That sounds like it’s a bug on our end! We’ll update this so that the app automatically refreshes in this case.

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Awesome, thanks. This Tab Navigator is definitely giving me some issues.

I actually did sort of get it working once. It displayed at the bottom, but, none of the text or icons displayed. It functioned though!

However, unfortunately I’m now at this state:

Thanks again for your work on this. I’m very excited for this product :relaxed:

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We’re on it, @Chris_Dzoba! Expect an update soon :smile:

Sorry about the extra issue, there’s a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes that we’re working hard to smooth out!

Awesome, thanks @peter!

Hey @Chris_Dzoba

We’ve deployed a bunch of fixes! Let me know if it works :smile:

@peter, worked perfectly on the first try! Thank you!

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