[RESOLVED] Navigation action change affects TWO buttons

While trying to create an app with a stack navigator (for an auth flow) and a tab navigator (for the main content), I was receiving an error during live preview saying something to the effect that the tab navigator was missing or undefined. To work around this, I purged the tab navigator. I’m now seeing an odd behavior on my Welcome screen. If I remove or add a navigation action for one button, it also removes or restores a navigation action for another button, respectively.

You can view the behavior here

Here’s a link to the screen

I’m done for tonight, but will try to add the tab navigator back in tomorrow.

Hey @Gary_Griffin there’s definitely something weird going on here. Even after clearing the navigate actions on one of the buttons in your app, after refreshing the screen the actions are still assigned to the buttons. Since I’m able to recreate the issue, I’ll be creating a ticket to have this looked at. Thanks for bring it to our attention!

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Hey @Gary_Griffin we deployed out some fixes to this bug yesterday. Let me know if you’re still experiencing the issue!

I’m no longer able to reproduce it. Great stuff. Thanks!

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