[RESOLVED] Not being able to map data to components

I wasn’t able to map data from an endpoint into components.

I mapped it to a list but components inside the lists are not getting the data.

View the screenshot:

Link: https://build.draftbit.com/apps/7MGDxv2u/screens/bGVDxGlK

You could post screenshot of your List -component config tab. Or post code that page has generated, it could show easily what kind of error there might be.

Have same problem. Sometimes it’s working next day it doesn’t :frowning:

Hey @WojtekG @Soliudeen_Ogunsola @kerberos I believe some recent updates we made to the platform have fixed these issues, but can you please let me know if you’re still experiencing problems? Thanks for reporting!

I’ll keep an eye on it. This wasn’t easily reproduced, happened randomily, and was fixed with F5 or otherwise reloading. But great if that has got fixed! :slight_smile:

I can use global API setup for app now. Will let you know if I’ll get errors again regarding this topic.

Hey everyone, we’ve deployed out several more fixes that should eliminate this bug entirely. I’m closing out this topic, but please create a new bug report if you encounter further issues with Data-enabled FlatLists.