[RESOLVED] Only System - Draftbit Theme works in Live Preview

Attempting to apply any other theme results in an “Unable to resolve module” error.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add a simple welcome screen
  3. Change the welcome screen’s theme to anything other than System/Draftbit
  4. View in Live Preview

Example Screen: https://build.draftbit.com/apps/UvBl5Zpa/screens/5IauAdSS

Preexisting projects are broken as well.

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For an existing workspace, I attempted to work around this issue by setting the theme for all screens to System Draftbit, but live preview is not able to resolve this module either.

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Hi @peter

If it helps, I downloaded the source and noticed a discrepancy with the location of theme files, i.e. ./config/themes/YummyTheme.js vs. ./themes/YummyTheme.js

I corrected those, but am now noticing something wrt referencing react-theme-provider from @callback vs the fork from @draftbit.

Unable to resolve “@callstack/react-theme-provider” from “node_modules/@draftbit/ui/src/core/theming.tsx”

Clearing expo’s cache resolved the react-theme-provider error.

expo start -c

Back in business! :rocket:

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Hey @Gary_Griffin

Super sorry about this one! We’re looking into it and should have a fix for you soon.

Thanks for reporting!

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