[RESOLVED] Preview not updating padding changes in both browser and mobile

Screen recording here: https://www.loom.com/share/9b5623f2d9e14b61b666d4b41b38a560

As the title says, I’m making changes to the padding settings on a component, and Draftbit isn’t updating that setting in the app preview in-browser or on my phone. It still updates other things (e.g. theme changes). Something isn’t triggering that should be.

Using Chromium on Ubuntu, iPhone XR for Expo preview.

EDIT: A browser refresh will get it to update to the correct margin/padding. Not sure what other settings do/don’t update as they should.

BONUS EDIT: After refreshing again, I’m unable to reproduce the error. :confused:

Hey @Sam_Stowers , want to double check before I close out this bug. Are you still receiving this issue? From the “Bonus Edit” it seems like you’re not, but I would like to double check nonetheless!

Thanks for checking. I am, but not able to reproduce it consistently. E.g. got it yesterday with border settings on a container - couldn’t get any changes to update. When it happens again I’ll check the console for errors.

We’re going to go ahead and close this for now. We’ve made a bunch of reliability enhancements to code-generation since this was an issue, so it appears to be resolved and we’ve been unable to replicate.