[RESOLVED] Styles list in theme typography settings seems to be in an random, uneditable order

As the title says, the styles list in theme typography settings seems to be in an random, uneditable order in my custom theme. The other themes have these lists sensibly oragnized (e.g. headers, subtitles, body fonts, all in numerical order). What’s messing it up with the custom theme?

(Let me know if this is the right channel for this kind of feedback. For the moment, will continue posting here with any bugs or UX problems I find)

While I’m talking about themes, why is the header font setting used in a theme shown as a primary title in the list, while the actual title of the theme is reserved for a subtitle? Shouldn’t it say “Draftbit - Dark” as the title, and maybe say the font below? Throws off the visual hierarchy and is unnecessarily confusing


Posting here since Discourse says I can’t make a new post as a “new user” for another 2 hours.

Currently putting together a login screen in Draftbit, but am encountering an error where the Android preview doesn’t use the typography settings from the selected theme (but, confusingly, it does use colors). Screenshot between iPhone and Android attatched, iPhone illustrating what the typography should look like. Lots of tweaks between them, but the most visible is it’s a different font (Rubik (actual setting) vs system font (wrong setting)). You can also see the button font is bolded on Android, something that I changed in typography settings.

Problem persisted through a reload on browser and force quitting Expo on Android. Using a OnePlus 3 with a fully updated Expo client.

Was hoping to get this screen done and integrated into my app today, so any suggestions for quick fixes would be appreciated! (will just export code and manually make the necessary changes in VS Code if the problem persists)

And here’s the second, correctly styled image, because Discourse also blocked the other image due to my new user status:

@Sam_Stowers can you DM me (on Chat in your Builder) the app or screen URL so we can take a look?

Done. Kind of three separate points in this thread - should I move them to separate threads for clarity, or leave it as it is?

@Sam_Stowers - sorry about these issues, but thanks so much for reporting them! We have an update rolling out right now that should fix the font issues on your Android device as well as the order of typestyles in the theme settings. The fix should be fully out in the next 10 minutes. Please let us know if you encounter any more issues or if this still isn’t working as expected!

Thanks @donald! Much appreciated, seems to be working properly now