[RESOLVED] Time picker component (DatePicker in time mode) won't update minutes display

Title explains it - the DatePicker component won’t update the minutes displayed on iOS or android, while showing the correct hours value. For example: if I pick “11:55” in the picker, then the displayed value on the input will be “11:04”. A console on onDateChange shows it’s receiving the right value in hours/minutes, just not displaying it.

Looks like the problem is caused by the “format” value passed to the DatePicker component. It was set at “hh:mm tt” (displaying month I think) where it should be “hh:MM tt”.

This is working in a local codebase, so it’s possible that you’ve fixed this since I exported this particular screen into my app. Would check in-app but I can’t afford the Draftbit subscription at the moment. Feel free to mark as resolved or delete the topic if this is no longer an issue.

Hey Sam – We’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting!

Hey Sam - the underlying component in @draftbit/ui now has been updated to fix this issue. We’re also rolling out tying the state of the datepicker component into screen state within the Draftbit platform to be used with form submissions, etc. Thanks for reporting!