Share Project Link Doesn't Link to a Working App

When I share the project, the share link does open Expo, however, only gray and white checkered boxes are visible on both the web version and on my phone.

Hey @Chris_Dzoba, this is potentially a bug, but before we go ahead and investigate: Can you please confirm that you have an Initial Route set on your root navigator? This is the most common cause of encountering a “transparent” initial route screen on Share Project.

It’s also possible that our ongoing Navigation upgrades might’ve caused this. Can you send us the URL of your screen (either here on on Chat)?

Thanks @nickselman! Turns out I did not have an Initial Route on the root navigator. Interestingly, this didn’t prevent me from previewing on the Live Preview, just when I tried to do the shared preview.

I just set the Initial Route on the root navigator and I’m still see the checker board on the shared preview.

This bug isn’t critical for me (especially compared to the others I hit this morning) since I can do the regular live preview, but, I encountered it and thought I’d report it.

Thank you for letting us know. Can you send us the URL of the app (any screen) so we can take a look?