Time picker component (DatePicker in time mode) won't update minutes display

Title explains it - the DatePicker component won’t update the minutes displayed on iOS or android, while showing the correct hours value. For example: if I pick “11:55” in the picker, then the displayed value on the input will be “11:04”. A console on onDateChange shows it’s receiving the right value in hours/minutes, just not displaying it.

Looks like the problem is caused by the “format” value passed to the DatePicker component. It was set at “hh:mm tt” (displaying month I think) where it should be “hh:MM tt”.

This is working in a local codebase, so it’s possible that you’ve fixed this since I exported this particular screen into my app. Would check in-app but I can’t afford the Draftbit subscription at the moment. Feel free to mark as resolved or delete the topic if this is no longer an issue.

Hey Sam – We’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting!