Timer issue on Android

Just wanted to pass along that I saw this issue on Android after exporting the app.

Thanks for sharing, we’ll take a look!

Hey @Chris_Dzoba :wave:,
Sorry you’re running into this issue!
I have done a little digging and turns out this a common issue with react-native on android, it’s deep in their core libraries so you will need to either:
a. import a 3rd party library, like react-native-timer , to handle this situation,
b. add the following code to your app.js, this code will disable this yellow box warning

import { YellowBox } from 'react-native';

export default function App(){

YellowBox.ignoreWarnings(['Setting a timer']);
(rest of code goes here)

Also that warning will not be seen once you build a production build and is only seen in development.
Let me know if you need help implementing any of the above solutions!