UI In Draftbit Preview Not Matching Expo

I’m noticing that I can’t get the items in this list to stretch full width across the screen. It is ok in the preview because the screen name and text are vertically centered next to the avatar image.

However, this causes problems on the phone, and the screen name and text are pushed below the avatar. Both the list and the touchable are set to width 100%, but, the touchable doesn’t seem to be going full width.

It is happening here: https://build.draftbit.com/apps/vHfGliBk/screens/73RpiQb5

Hey Chris! Its best practice to not apply flex parameters into Touchables. We will actually be removing all fo those options from the styles panel very soon. But in the meantime, the best way is to place a view as the List Item, and then a touchable as the first child underneath the Touchable – then this should fully work. If you’re OK with me modifying your screen I can get that set up for you – let me know!

Sure, sounds great! Go for it :slight_smile: Thanks @brian!

Should be good to go! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you!! I see the view in there now and the row going full width. The Draftbit preview looks great but I noticed this showing up on the expo preview:

Yeah we’re having some expo issues that are unrelated to this screen right now but engineers are working on it. Try reloading (shake the app and hit reload).

Thank you @brian!!!