Unable to Create a New App


When I attempt to create a new app in Draftbit by going to the dashboard and clicking “Create App” in the top right, it is giving me an error saying:

Upgrade to add more apps

You’re currently using 6 of 3 apps available on the Starter plan. To create a new app, please upgrade your account or delete one of your existing apps.

However, I only have two apps that I’m currently working on. I have tried in multiple browsers with the same results. I also tried to go over to the Starter Apps and use the “Copy This App” button, but that thew an error, and now it tells me I have 7 of 3 apps even though it didn’t create one.

Also, I am unable to access my Personal Workspace. Perhaps it thinks I have 4 or 5 apps in my Personal Workspace or something. When I click on Dashboard, it doesn’t give me an option to select my Personal Workspace or the Bethel Workspace that it automatically opens for me as seen above.

Hey Zach,

So sorry you’re running into this! We’ve created a ticket and our engineering team will take a look. I’ll update you once we’ve figured out the problem and deployed a fix.