Using payments with Draftbit

Hello! I’m exploring Draftbit, it looks very cool! But I have a couple of questions before starting.

I want to create a booking service app with payment page using Draftbit.
I had no experience with react native and expo, only web (js, nodejs, reactjs). I read that expo supports Stripe, but it doesn’t works in my country. So I have to use another gateway. This gateway has several methods - external payment page and native SDK for ios and android. Therefore two questions:

  1. Does Apple Pay works via webview component in Draftbit?

For first method I can use webview-component to load an external webpage with payments, but I doubt that Apple Pay will work in it. Because, as I understand, Draftbit webview-component uses react-native-webview, but Apple Pay works only with SFSafariViewController. This is discussed here:

Is any experience with it?

  1. If the previous way doesn’t work, I would like to know - is it possible to integrate native iOS / Android SDK, provided by payment gateway, into the Draftbit app? And how?

Hi Nikita,

Welcome! I don’t personally have any experience trying to use Apple Pay in a WebView. Based on the issue you linked, I’m going to assume it may not work inside of Draftbit but I can check to see if anyone has additional insight. You would be able to integrate native SDKs after exporting your project from Draftbit but that’s not something you’d be able to do inside of the Builder. Let me know if you have any other questions!


@Nikita_Somov in Expo the payments module is largely based off tipsi-stripe. Since you don’t have Stripe in your country, you can try with Square SDK which will allow to call the native In-App Payments SDK implementations.