Video Tutorials?

Hi Everyone!

I am new to Draftbit and no code in general. I actually started building my MVP on Bubble but ran into issues with making my web app responsive on a small screen and started looking for good alternatives to Bubble. I found it easy using Bubble because there are quite a good number of video tutorials on YouTube that I could follow along. I am having a hard time picking up Draftbit, because it seems the tutorials are primarily word based and require a lot of reading and trying to replicate what was read. Some people are more of a visual and auditory learner and this approach for creating adoption via written tutorials might not work for a subset of people. With all that said, are there existing video tutorials out there for Draftbit for newbies to the platform and no coding in general? If not, is it something Draftbit plans to prioritize to drive adoption? If not, I would highly recommend prioritizing video tutorials. I don’t think there is a negative to having video tutorials for a product in its beta stage, but I do think there are negatives to not having one - just my two cents and recommendation for the Draftbit team. Overall, I recommend the team on their product - I am just having a hard time picking it up… :neutral_face:


Hi there!

We’re actually going to release a series of short video tutorials that’ll guide you through building a basic app in Draftbit. Expect it to launch within the next two weeks! In the meantime, we’d be happy to jump on a call with you and help you get started in Draftbit and answer any questions you may have. You can book some time with us here on Calendly.



Thanks Angela for the quick response and solution to my dilemma! I have gone ahead and booked a session. Have a great day.


Still no video tutorials? I really want to test out Draftbit since I have a got early access. But without any proper Step by Step tutorials on how to create a full example app it is hard to learn. It seems to be a common issue in such platforms that no proper learning offers. Really frustrating because WE WOULD LOVE to get to know your tool inside out. Please add a proper learning area on Draftbit.

PS.: A video session is a nice offer but to learn stuff properly we need to repeat everything. A session is just a temporary fallback.

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Hey Lars – Check out or our YouTube channel at – there are a bunch of videos there. Is there something specific you’re looking for in a video?