Wondering about the connection to Expo building

I have a paid account on Expo that gives me priority builds. I’m wondering how or if Draftbit knows about that account and if having priority builds on Expo is any advantage when running app snacks from Draftbit IDE?

It’s not clear to me how and when new builds are created or forced on Expo. It takes a while sometimes for new changes to show up on the phone.

As always, sorry in advance if I’m asking a dumb question.

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As far as I understand Expo’s Priority plan, it affects only when you are running Build. So while you are using Draftbit’s tools, you are still in developing part, and you use expo client to view changes… there is no building happening yet at this stage.

As there is currently no direct build option from Draftbit web tools, you need to export to your local computer and then do final native build, you can use Expo’s priority builds. Just log in before initiating build process, and it should work just as it would work with full expo-cli pipeline.

Once Draftbit has build pipeline built in, I’m confident they have option for people to either use their Expo Priority access, or they have their own separate builders which are included in Draftbit plans.

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Hey @William_Dunning,

@kerberos is right :smiley: Priority builds are only part of building a native version of your app.

Snack and Priority builds are separate. Depending on the number of packages that need loaded (based on the components you use) Snack could be slower sometimes. It could also be a network connectivity issue.

There’s also a subtle 1.5 second delay in the UI when making changes in an effort to make sure we capture the right value you’re typing into an input.

That being said, we’re working on decreasing this and making the results show up faster

Thanks for the insight. It’s definitely the Snacks I was finding difficulty with. There is some delay for the initial load of the Snack while it renders the apps components, but further experimentation leads me to believe my problems are more about actual errors than delays. Like the current error I’m having with rendering a WebView.