Woocommerce API image


I want to display the product image with the api of woocommerce, texts are working but have the

tag on them, but i can’t find any image in my dropdown “mapped data value”.
I already checked the api, the images are inside, but I can’t display them in the

Image part in API looks like this :

    "images": [
    "id": 795,
    "date_created": "2017-03-23T14:03:08",
    "date_created_gmt": "2017-03-23T20:03:08",
    "date_modified": "2017-03-23T14:03:08",
    "date_modified_gmt": "2017-03-23T20:03:08",
    "src": "https://example.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/T_4_front-11.jpg",
    "name": "",
    "alt": ""

How can I solve this image problem ?
And how can I remove the

tag on my texts fields ?


Hi Sylvain,

I believe you’re running into problems because the images are inside of an object. I’m going to check if there’s something you can do to get around this.


What was the solution @angela ?