Brian Luerssen

CEO, Draftbit

What new components would you like to see?

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Hey everyone,

We're going to be expanding jigsaw, our component library, in the coming weeks. What kinds of new bits and blocks would you like to see? Please include any screenshots that help illustrate how the component would work! Thank you. 
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Hey I'm Brian, CEO of Draftbit. AMA!

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Hey everyone! I'm Brian, one of the co-founders of Draftbit. I've worked in startups for the past 20 years, founding multiple companies and investing in more. I live in Chicago and love helping people turn their ideas into reality.

So -- please feel free to ask me anything about Draftbit, no-code/low-code, startups, etc!

(I'll be following this thread for the next few days. It may take me a few hours to respond to your questions.)
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