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Keyboard shortcuts allowed me to inadvertently delete a big FETCH section, and would not undo

I was over in the properties of a text bit, setting margins.Screen redrew.  I needed to adjust it again and clicked, but missed the actual box to adjust the px.  Thought I was putting the insertion point AFTER a number, and then I hit the delete key.  Because I wasn't in the field, it deleted the structure off of the hierarchy tree (and everything under it).
Looks like there's an "undo" box to see deleted elements, but it showed nothing.
It was gone, along with lots of work under it. Of course, the entire project is always saving, so I had no where to go, but to recreate everything.

I didn't have that much trouble using Delete from the "..." menu.  But what i did, with no confirmation and no UNDO is dangerous.

This also got me thinking about my source code...
on the free plan, I have no way to do a backup/snapshot (like in Airtable - a great feature btw).
So accidental deletes of things can waste a lot of time, since there doesn't seem to be a way to recover/restore a project. I guess I could regularly copy my project, but there's no way I see to copy something from a backup into my current project.

Title alignment RIGHT is missing?

To me, this appears to read "go back to Vehicle Search",
instead THIS is the Vehicle Search screen and those 2 elements are unrelated. 
Initially, the heading is Centered.  I thought to push it all the way to the right, opposite of the Back arrow.  Should be cleaner. 
But the option for align right is missing:

Only options are Center & Left

Any ideas?

BUG renaming a screen

I have simple model:
Welcome screen, goes to
Product List, touchable goes to
Product Details

My "Details" screen WAS named "Article", probably from a tutorial/sample screen I brought in as I was following something online.
Now I finally wanted to change the name of it "Article" -> "ProductDetails"

All looks fine, incl the reference on the Touchable Navigate setup, but at runtime the list doesn't go anywhere.
There's nothing to config w.r.t this on the destination screen. 
And it seems there's only 1 place it links from the Touchable event to the destination. And in that list, it showed the correct name "ProductDetails".

I even removed the Navigate and re-added it.  No joy.

Exited and came back in and got this:

TRUE, its NOT named Article anymore. 

Changed it back to Article and it works again. 🤔

Airtable filter problem with null fields, and a IF

Couple of issues.
I have 3 text boxes for a user to enter a Year, Make, Model to do a car search.
They won't have to enter all 3, but I'm fine doing baby steps.  I'll really have a unique list in a dropdown list, but for now I'm doing it straightforward to test Filtering with Airtable.
My biggest problem is the NUMERIC Year field.  If I enter a year & Make (2001, Ford) it works fine.  I don't even have to enter a model and it works.
NOTE: Another oddity is that in ENDPOINT testing, I must enter a Model, but when testing the app, it can be empty and it works perfectly).
But if Year is empty (or null), then I get a 422 Invalid Request when testing the endpoint.  Use 0 and it works.  Use 2001 and it works.  I think there's a DraftBit error when inserting the empty numeric field into the endpoint string.

But for now, I can move past that by entering a real year.
If I enter a 0, then it doesn't work - but I think it should.  The IF is failing as the 3rd portion of the AND.
If I remove the 1st 2 parts and no AND, and just the IF, then it works.


This will now allow the 0 value for year, and AT correctly uses the TRUE() and finds all recs.  The Empty year field still throws "bad request 422"

So, for some reason, POSSIBLY an Airtable issue (hard to say because we cannot see the actual request being sent to AT) I can't do this more complex 3-field filter.

I'm not really blaming AT or DB. But seeing the request would certainly help narrow things down. 

I could prolly get this working by changing year to a String.