Oliver Sun

Product Design

Patch request to Airtable

Hi Draftbit team, I have successfully set up a PATCH endpoint for updating certain fields on my Airtable. However, after I published the app and tried it out, it does not update my Airtable. Here's exactly what I am trying to do:
  • Feed view: select a wedding venue and go to the venue detail page
  • Details view: enter notes in the text field and click Update. The "Notes" field in the Airtable gets updated.
Not sure if I did anything wrong. I would really appreciate it if you can help me resolve this issue. Thank you.
Here's the link to my app: https://1twoo83j7k.draftbit.app

Populate images URL from an Airtable database

Hi, I am new to Draftbit and just started working on a project to test out the application. I think it's a great idea with a ton of potential. Also, a shout out to the special attention to visual elements of the UI even in this fairly early stage.
My issue is that I can't seem to connect an Image Background component in Draftbit to an image URL field in my Airtable DB. I tried changing the Airtable filed type from Attachment to Single Text Field and pasted the image URLs again. In Draftbit, it still doesn't show up as a source option under the Image Background component. Most fields are successfully fetched but not this one. Although I can see those fields populated when testing the endpoint.
Any idea why this is happening? Thanks a lot.