Ankit Gupta

Product Manager
ο»Ώ Aman Mittal ο»Ώ I have gotten into custom beta. Thanks so much. I checked the backendless file upload example. Super neat. However, I wanted to use image picker to pick an image to upload to backendless. I tried doing this with documentation but got stuck. I am working on this screen:

Would you be able to help?
This will enable real time chat with backendless I believe? Would be awesome to document this.
Thanks for getting back, Peter. It will be great to work through this and document the process for everyone else's benefit. I have created a facebook app and configured backendless settings there. I have also configured Facebook app details in the backendless social login section. As I am not in custom code beta, I guess that's the extent of what I can do. I am working on this screen:

As far as the backendless integration goes, I believe we simply need to make an API call that has the token issued by facebook and Facebook Graph API user fields and Backendless will create a user object. This process is outlined here:

I followed this link from backendless to enable social login and configure facebook app and backendless app:

Will be great if you can enable custom code beta and take a look.
ο»Ώ Aman Mittal ο»Ώ Done. Thanks.
ο»Ώ Aman Mittal ο»ΏΒ Thanks. Any plans to enable these in future. Would love if we can add this to backlog.
ο»Ώ Aman Mittal ο»ΏΒ : I did not find the example guide on uploading image to backendless in the tutorial. Can you please help me get in the custom code beta? I have filled out the form. Will to be a paid member as well once I know what all I can do with custom code beta.
Thanks for your reply. I have gone through the tab navigator docs. So to confirm, I can not change the height of the tab navigation, increase size of the icons, or upload customer item?
Can this be used to create Tinder-like Swipe left/Right gestures? I have requested to be in pilot as well. Could you please add me as well?
I vote for extending Backendless tutorial to using Rest APIs, File uploads, chats etc. It is the most powerful backend I have come across.