What if my Image url path from API is not full (without domain name). What to do then?

So when I choose it in Image -> Setup -> Source then the Image gets URL like "\sdfjhjskdfjsdf.jpg"

Tutorial with React code usage in specific cases

Can we expect such tutorials in the nearest future? Now I see draftbit as a low code platform but it lacks step-by-step tutorials that will help me just start using a backend and CRUD in various cases such as auth, API requests (get and post) etc.
I could find some videos on your youtube channel but there is a lot of code and nothing is clear, the information is scattered, honestly, it's a mess, sorry ๐Ÿ™‚
I can't wait to start using draftbit because it looks so promising and useful!

Screen load event

How to detect the event? Is this possible?

As I understood we can only work with touchable events, is this correct?