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Nesting TextInput fields for form submission

I need to achieve the following in order to submit successfully to a third party API. 
data: {
  phone: {
    countryCode: {
    number: {
Can anyone please advise on how this might be manageable within draftbit?

Hooks, Methods, JS/JSX & React (non-native)

As usual, apologies for a question that most likely I should be able to figure out if i had the patience to learn things properly / watch YouTube videos... 😬

☁️👼⛅ In the beginning He created React in 7!days to get back at some Harvard girls  (or at least, he got rich off of something one of his engineers did)

Then React went Native during the Great Pwnic Wars, to bridge the gap between codebases across platforms.

React Native uses JSX, to integrate normal React web-based (DOM?) Java/html within a native code (like a wrapper?)

Net result = easier for everyone except he guy trying to split hairs between then and figure out the different syntaxes without reading a manual

Long story short....

If i want to integrate any wdget, nocode tool or make webflow do more, i stick in a few lines of JS in a <script> tag, it calls a custom library/proprietary piece of code that then means i can integrate a chatbots, calculator, Bitcoin price tracker Inna quick, easy and powerful way on my website, which will operate independently of the static website, refresh itself, allowed 2-way real time input, feedbacķ with abuser

In react native this is....seemingly a lot less straightforward

I believe because of state management(?) ...

But what i don't get...

Is if java is java, and a 3rd party chatbot has an embeddable java widget, full API + docs referencing Methods, Hooks and syntax that looks about 1 or 2 mimosas away from being react native code...

 Etc etc etc

What makes it so hard to embed within a react native app?

Especially sinceii can use an iframe / react Webview within an app for chatbots that provide a direct URL (and/or have a 1 page react site just for the widget that i can then embed myself)...

If it helps, this is the most recent example I'm thinking off

Ironically they have fill documentation about how to embed a Webview within the chat widget, but not how to embed the chatwidget within a Webview

If anyone can help me out with the 'for dunmies' breakdown of why the <script> java snippet can't be embedded as an SDK and methods used as react custom components

That would help me get a good night's sleep!



Setting / upgrading Expo SDK

Hi there, 

Was just wondering what is involved in updating / upgrading the underlying expo SDK for a project build using Draftbit

Looking at my package.json I can see that a new project I started the other day is now listed as using Expo SDK 40

In the past I'm almost positive this was shown as Expo 38/39 so something has changed but I'm not sure whether it is my setup after exporting from Draftbit 

OR if the SDK compatibility and dependency version is determined on the draftbit side in order to avoid breakages during upgrades and that it plays nice with all the other moving parts within the Draftbit platform

So that is Question 1

Question 2 
is related and potentially not relevant / out of scope depending on the answer to Question 1 

(a) moving forward is there anything that needs to be done when the Expo SDK is updated (either by myself or if handled via draftbit?)

>e.g. is best practice a new code export from Draftbit for each build? or that's overkill but on each SDK might be necessary?

(b) If the updates to Expo SDK are handled after draftbit export - or perhaps can be via manual intervention 

--> Is that likely to cause breakages (e.g. forcing an update from 40-->41
--> Is that as stupidly simple as changing teh package.json dependency and rebuilding via expo
--> Is it necessary / better / the same to also run something like 'expo upgrade' and take care of all possible breakages etc

I've attached a potentially tangential and unrelated error log I recently got while running npm install -- and apologies for the quite basic questions as am still trying to make sure I have my head round what is and isn't mission critical and how everything fits together 

Especially things like the functional difference between running expo init and starting (a) a managed project OR (b) a bare-workflow and then copying in tradftbit to that shell

VS using the export directory from Draftbit as the 'Project directory'

Likely my gut tells me I am splitting hairs on most of these things and there is very little difference as long as you pay attention to what you are doing in all cases and adjust accordingly (if at all)


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