Struggling to configure a nested array response from my REST API

Hi there,

I'm trying to make Draftbit work for my use case as a companion app to our product -

I'm struggling to have our json content show up in a list view (modeled after the premade list screen for CryptoCurrency).

The API fetch returns correct results, including it's proper nesting under "items" (seen below)

From here I configure the List component datasource to data.items (assumption is that the 'items' in question is my 'items' nesting)

When I get down to the Text field to display the content, the Text "data" input field doesn't provide me with a dropdown list of potential datapoints to show, instead it gives me this:

I've tried a few variations to target the data point in question such as:
(goalpost: display the field "ticker")
items && items.["ticker"]

I've also tried the above with variable brackets {{ }} without success.

Any help would be appreciated!