Thanks for the warm welcome, Nick! Glad to be part of it.Β 
ο»Ώ Nick Selman ο»ΏΒ Oh! Interesting! I've also pre-registered. That's exciting!
Y'all are awesome and so prompt on these help boards.

Thank you for the note!
Thanks for your fast reply ο»Ώ Nick Selman ο»Ώ!

I think that's how I have it set up already. Let me put a few screenshots up here to show a little more of what I have going on:

ο»ΏLayer Tree & the second Fetch's data config:
Oh! That's great to hear. ThanksΒ ο»Ώ Patrick Kilgore ο»Ώ &Β ο»Ώ Nick Selman ο»Ώ.

I was able to get some very simple non-authenticated data pulling in from Xano to draftbit just now.

I'm certain I'll have many questions, but I'm certainly I'll be interested in the basics of:
* Sign Up / Login & managing auth tokens
* Public API access & Authrization

(Maybe related) One that immediately popping up for me is how I would access a nested json array of data. This may actually be more of draftbit question, but I'll toss it in here:

My end point returns an Object of a `House` with things like Name & Address that then contains a nested Json array containing a list of `People` living at that home with things like first name and last name.Β 

Draftbit sees the array name of the array (`_people_of_house_`), but I can't seem to figure out how to set up a simple list of text items that lists all of the people at a house on a house details screen.Β 

Thanks. Eager to get comfortable with Draftbit and Xano!