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Fetch both a single record and list of associated objects in a details view?

Likely a very basic question here, but I'm struggling to figure it out.

I have a details screen that needs to pull information from 2 REST endopoints. The first is a single record and the other is a list of objects related to the record.

  1. ย A details view for a home (/house/{house_id}) - this is a single record and I'm able to get the information loading into my view fine.
  2. An API I have built that returns a list of people that live in the home with some information (like name & image) for each person. (/house/{house_id}/people

I cannot get the second list to work correctly it seems. I have a fetch component, followed by a list, followed by a view for the item. I have the fetch pulling from /house/{house_id}/people and the test pane shows the result I was expecting. For the list, I have selected data.people. However, when I try to output text and use the {{varName}} replacement, it does not seem to see any of the fields associated with this object (name, image url, etc).

It only autocompletes and suggests what I see below:

I realize there's a lot I'm trying to explain here, but maybe something sticks out as obviously wrong or something to check? Thanks in advance!


Any experience with DraftBit + Xano?

Hello - I'm trying to make some decisions for an app concept and I would like to have a clear separation between my front end and backend.ย 

DraftBit is high on my list for a front end. I'm looking at Xano as a no-code backend as a service.ย 

Does anyone have experience using DraftBit with Xano as a REST backend? Is this a smooth experience? I'm also very open to hearing about new alternative backends that may work well!

Thanks in advance for any pointers or guidance.
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