Elio Suarez Santana

I am an entrepreneur with development background. Currently working as Technical lead for an international company. Trying to build a nice app using no code as side project.. trying to be less poor everyday =_)

Add more custom components & Interaction with other components or the app

(I already have one working)

1) So I just see the possibility to add one, is possible to add more custom components?ย 
I can create multiple custom code blocks referencing one, but when I create a custom component I don't see the possibility to create more options

2) Is possible to interact with other components or will be? I dont think its important at this point, since we can do it in the same file if its working in the same way and the compilator is not doing anything weird

3) is possible to interact with the app itself? So for example send the user to the component? so I can modify the user with a datepicker for example and after the datepicker changed I can send this to the database?

Image picker

It seems we dont have it, so I need to create a custom one.
I want to be sure about the flow, but I guess till I dont have the possibility to create custom components I will not be able, do we have documentation or something about importing or manage new components from for example expo?

I lost the work I did yesterday with a defect


So I added the social federation screen to my stack and I got the next error and then the screen I designed yesterday dissapear too and I can get it back to the place.
PS: I didn't set any global variable
Just Added the screen๏ปฟ

Custom components?


I need to create a component around googlemaps,

I saw we have the "Custom code" but its broken๏ปฟ
But I also saw this was not the intention for,

so I guess its the private group Custom code?
If I want to create custom components?

WHen I will be able to do this, because the app is around this, so if I cant do that I cant continue with draftbit =_(

What about social federations?

Hi Team!

I am starting an app and I would like to add social federation,

I am trying to set a firebase account from scratch( I am nor expert in google cloud, I am expert in AWS with amplify), to see if later I can migrate that solution to here when you finish the solution.

Just I was wondering if we already have examples there to manage the callbacks, or something, but just to know how to use social federations here, since this is something very important to manage the first part of the funnel.

(Can I use the hosted UI from firebase)?

Internationalization - and example with datepicker

Hi! I was checking the datepicker component, in the underline datepicker I found "locale" so I was happy thinking I could set spanish, but it didn't work.

I know by default is going to print in the device language... so I was expecting to see it in Spanish but its not getting the locale from my browser, I can understand that, but when I use expo in my mobile continue in English...

solutions for this?