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📱 PWA Install, Auto-update, and Wrapper

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We've added two new features to make your Draftbit publications better. 

First, published apps now support offline installation with service workers! This additional PWA support provides a more integrated offline experience on iOS, Android, and desktop (via Chromium Browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave).

As part of this update, we also added support for background updates. If you are using or developing the app in a browser or desktop installation, you will see a small notification when the new version of the app is ready to be installed:

On mobile, any new version will be downloaded in the background the next time you use the app, and installed and available once you close and reopen the app:

Second, when you view a published app on a non-mobile screen, your (usable) app will be wrapped in a phone frame, along with a name, description, and social links to help spread the word about what you've made!

Don't worry! You'll have the same experience as before when viewing the app on mobile screens.
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