Custome Code to API

Hi together,

I already posted this question in the general section but maybe you have more / deeper insights here. 

I created a custom code snippet that gives me the long. & lat. of a user. I would like to pass this information as a variable to an API when clicking on a button, but it seems that I can't access custom code variables via the Fetch & List items.  

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this (except writing everything as custom code) 



Header Issue

Hi togehter,

I have an Issue with my Header, since it always shows the name of the screen in my preview as a header ( sort of ). Does anyone have an idea where this is coming from and what a fix would be ?

This is what i woulde expect in the preview

but this is what i got

Any help would be appreciated

Kind regards


Authentication and User Management

Hey together,

I'm just recently stumbled across draftbit since I'm currently looking for some low code solution that would allow me to build an app where the user can create an account and where I can fetch the gps / location of the user and compare it to some data. For example lets say i want to show a user all restaurants that are within a 2km radius. 

As far as I know darftbit currently has no Authentication and User Management, right ? Do you think it would be possible to incorporate this function with some custom code or a third party service ? 

Kind regards