Marek Jelínek

Happiness designer
I am a digital designer focused on user experience.

How to set rules in Firebase after Test mode expires

I chose Firebase for my journal app because it allows authentication and storage in one platform. Also, the pricing policy seems the most reasonable to me, because I will only pay for how much data and entries users make. According to yours instructions, I use test mode, which expires now. Can you advise me what to do so I can't lose client access? Thanks a lot!

How can I update document in Firebase

Hello, in my diary application I have a screen in which I write, a screen where I read all the entries and a screen where I can edit the entries. This last screen is problematic. The document update in the firebase, which I run with the Save button, does not work for me.

The Firebase document is part of the Moments collection, and newGratitude is the name of the textInput that retrieves the current record, which can be changed. Here is a preview and please help me.

How to link user accounts to user content with firebese?

Hi, I'm working on a journaling app, and following Aman's guide I successfully created authentication. I also have a functional writing and reading of records that are stored in the firebase. I don't know how to connect these two parts (authentication and user records) so that users can see their entries after logging in to Home. Thank you very much

How can I solve cropped edge of my app published as PWA?

I published my app as PWA and it has cropped edges in my iPhone 5. The beginnings of the texts cannot be read and the buttons are bigger than display edges. Is there any solution in Draftbit, please?