Scroll View Problem

I useΒ ScrollViewΒ element to create scrollable list of card. However, when running the app on live preview on my Iphone6 device. I cannot scroll past the 1st card since it always bounce back and not allows me to go past the screen width

Link is here:Β

Different between Live Preview and Design

Hi Draftbit community, I am a beginner in this platform and I have a question. I have designed some block in draftbit with predefined value for height, width, margin, padding; it looks just fine in draftbit design but when I do a live preview on my iphone, it looks very different from what I have designed.Β 

The images below show the difference, pic 1 is in live preview on my device and pic 2 is in draftbit design. The difference is quite minimum, but because i spend time to change many style value in draftbit. You can still see the "Likes" text is a bit lower in the draftbit design.

So is this a draftbit feature, where things look different when live previewing? Or if not then how do I resolve it?