shaun brown

This is super helpful and works well. A couple of suggestions for anyone else using this:ย 
ย If you only specify 1 dimension of the image in step 1 it will retain the original aspect ratio of the photo.
2. You might want to change the alert message in step 3 so it doesn't show your app ID/api key to a user.ย 
I worked through this example and watched the Zoom call. I think it is a bit hard to follow where to put the code snippets in relation to one another. I like the idea of the step-by-step because it helps me learn how to customize for my own project. It might be helpful to put the context code lines above/below each new snippet. Something like this: ๏ปฟ
๏ปฟAlso, I think the logic of the guide is probably the way a more experienced programmer thinks about coding, but as someone with nearly zero javascript/react experience it is easier to follow guides like this that are more linear. Overall it is a really cool improvement and I am excited about getting this connected with Backendless soon.ย